Portfolio Startups

Portfolio Startups



Video game development and publishing

Development and sales of bedding and mattresses

Digital multi-touch smart stamp

P2P loan service

Document computerization and robotics automation

Blockchain digital marketing solution

Eco-friendly plastic material development

Mobile / PC Game development

Product design and IP management

Indian currency balance check service

Comparative estimation platform for jewels

Car courtesy service

Enterprise HRM solution ‘Albam’

Online education platform & instructor management

Omni-channel fashion commerce platform

Blockchain financial ecosystem developer

Online Chinese education platform

Clothing manufacturer & merchandiser

Blockchain solution development

Global food content channel and market

Online beauty product shopping platform ‘Womanstalk’

Computer security solution

C-UAV & Radio wave signal processing system development

Used goods P2P mediation service

Smartwatch and wearable manufacturer

Distribution of Soho-branded clothing

Spam call screening application ‘Who’s Call?’

SSD controller and storage development

Video game development: ‘Be A Star’ and others

O2O game marketing platform

Stereophonic VR audio solution

Italian shoe merchandiser

Cloud server-based ISO management system

Merchandiser and lender for second-hand smartphones

Pizza franchise brand

GPCR pharmaceutical development

Steel manufacturing and moulding

Governance and compliance solution

Clinical and biomedical research

Smart devices and IoT for the home, ‘Switcher’

Insurance O2O service ‘My Real Plan’

Premium study space ‘Zaksim’

Website production platform ‘IUEditor’

Fresh meat distribution and delivery

Online accomodations booking service

Enterprise tax accounting solution

Smart mathematics education system

Premium education mobile service for kids

Smartphone security development

Deep learning hardware processor solution for edge devices

Fresh food distribution and delivery

Global game development

Mobile game development

PC game development

Smart display (PDLCD) development

Media platform & SNS operation

Social media channel operation & mobile content production

LED lighting R&D

Online servey service

Mobile payment solution using non-audible sound waves

International remittance service

Online travel product sales platform

Radio-based personal broadcasting ‘Spoon Radio’

IoT Sensor interface ‘SoC’ semiconductor development

Mobile game development

FPS game development

EMI shielding & nanochemical material development

Domestic flower distribution & delivery

Reservation management service based on AI voice recognition

Digital content platform

Online English education platform

Marketing automation solution

Biometrics mobile security solution

API and SDK messaging development for enterprises

Mobile game development

Real estate financing service

Digital signage producer

Performance marketer mediation platform

Mobile payment mediation service

Fortune contents mobile platform ‘Forceteller’

Production platform for interior VR content

Video content production & MCN management

VR Eyetracking solution development

SVOD platform ‘Watchaplay’ & big data-based movie rating platform

Wedding planning and ERP service

Re-targeting ad solution

STON edge server

R&D for wireless communication chips

Smartphone-based electronic wallet

Machine learning solution development

Automated sports machine R&D

Mobile property mediation platform

Interior comparative evaluation service

Mobile game development


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